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What is Skills Training?

Skills Training in which I provided for both individual and group settings. Skills Training is a well-researched treatment model that has proven to be beneficial to adults and youth.

Skills Training is grounded in mindfulness concepts and is focus on “change” and “acceptance” strategies. Skills Training skills support increased internal awareness and help individuals assess their personal goals, values and priorities in both the short and long term. These skills can build self-confidence, increase emotional flexibility and resilience, promote healthy relationships, and enhance effective problem solving skills. Skills Training skills are not only crisis management/survival skills, but are “life skills”.

Skills Training Maintenance group link

For people who have undertaken the Skills Training and need the opportunity to practice skills within a small group online and deepen the learning of skills to regulate and support your wellness journey.
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Skills Training Skills one - one

Teaching you the skills of Skills Training over a 12 weeks online or in person.
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Skills Training skills Group setting

Learning the skills, in a group setting to help you develop your ability to manage your day to day.
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