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Are you parenting from a fix or Growth Mindset

It can be disappointing and frustrating when kids don’t meet the expectations you’ve set out for them based on your values. When the same mistake is repeated over and over again, you may begin to lose hope. It’s natural to begin thinking of your child in a less positive light.

For example, if your child continuously does poorly in school, you may begin to think of him as a poor student. It may be true that your child struggles frequently. However, when you begin to think of him as a bad student, he will see himself that way, too.

Treating him like he’s going to fail or have another bad semester will often be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Treating your child as though he has already failed is not likely to lead to success.

Life Coach Ontario

There was once a study done at a school where teachers were given two different groups of students:

  • The teachers were told that Group A was a group of bad influences and students who struggle.
    Unbeknownst to the teachers, this group was actually comprised of high-achievers.
  • Group B was said to be a group of outstanding students with good behaviour. In fact, the opposite was true.
    The study found that teachers treated these groups of students differently. Teachers treated these students according to their beliefs about how successful these students were going to be.
    As a result, the previously high-performing students in Group A began having behavioural issues and doing poorly in school. The previously less-successful students began performing better in school and earning better grades...........

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